John Long and Eric Skjerseth founded Biodiesel for Bands (BFB) in 2012. John is an environmental entrepreneur and the founder Blue Sun Biodiesel, Zero Hero, and The Sustainable Living Association. Eric is a songwriter and musician who has played in, toured with, and managed the bands Zen Mothers, Inchfoot Yard and Wasabi. He has over 15 years experience managing a charitable gaming site in North Dakota and a Section 42 apartment complex in Colorado. BFB is an employee owned company that supports environmentally conscious touring musicians, artists, and performers. 100% of after tax profits go to support our mission to help performers tour safely, affordably and sustainably. We provide education, affordable biodiesel, touring vehicles, and professional services through our growing network of partners. Our partners support our members by providing discounts and other perks. Our goal is to make touring on biodiesel as convenient as possible and affordable for touring performers. We help artists prosper at their craft while leaving as little footprint as possible. Biodiesel exhaust has 50% less particulates, up to 86% less CO2, and 99% less carcinogens than petroleum fuels. It is the most environmentally friendly fuel currently feasible for touring artists.



Bringing Bands to Fans…

Biodiesel for Bands primary objective is to educate and assist touring performers who want to leave a better world behind their tailpipe. We connect bands with biodiesel producers all over the country and can plan fueling schedules for entire tours. We are building a fleet of safe, affordable vehicles for our members to rent and building partnerships with van and coach rental companies to provide a large selection of environmentally friendly touring vehicles.

 We strive to make divesting from petroleum as painless as possible. We have fueled many national acts including Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, and Elephant Revival.


Bringing Fans to Bands…

BFB provides safe and environmentally friendly rides to concerts and events on our party buses. This program allows us to educate the public about the many benefits of biodiesel, while generating revenue to help us put emerging bands on the road. This program enhances the concert experience for patrons and improves public safety.


Fueling Festivals

Most music festivals use diesel generators and lots of them. These generators run constantly in close proximity to thousands of people for days in a row. Camping in proximity to a diesel generator is like camping next to a floored Mack truck. Biodiesel exhaust has 99% less carcinogens and 50% less particulates than petroleum diesel. It is safer and much less offensive to smell. BFB provides biodiesel generator fueling and education/consultation to festival producers. Biodiesel for Bands has fueled the following festivals: Sonic Bloom, Groove Fest, ARISE, Vertex, and The Sustainable Living Fair. John Long, president and co-founder of BFB has fueled several giant festivals like Lollapalooza and Langerado with biodiesel prior to BFB’s founding.

We have the experience and knowledge to fuel festivals of any size with clean burning biodiesel. We can consult or do 100% of the fueling from build to strike. Using biodiesel instead of petroleum to fuel a typical 3-day festival with 5,000 attendees keeps roughly between 7-30 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere depending on the blend. Biodiesel exhaust also smells better and is less offensive, particularly when in proximity to food vendor areas and beer gardens. BFB educates patrons of music festivals on the benefits of biodiesel through tents, booths, panel discussions and live demonstrations. Festival patrons can tell (and smell) the difference and they appreciate festival producers who care.


Subsidized Fuel

Through our BioExchange program, we work with restaurant owners to recycle their  used cooking oil (UCO) to benefit their local music scene. This benefits local artists and bands and helps build a strong community art and music scene. Cities with vibrant music scenes also have vibrant hospitality industries. It is a symbiotic relationship. Restaurants donate their used cooking oil to us and we facilitate the processing of that UCO into biodiesel. We use that fuel to help new and emerging artists to tour affordably. Restaurants can either donate their grease to Biodiesel for Bands or trade for BFB services and sponsorships. Our pilot program featured 5 Front Range restaurants: Avogadro’s Number, The Mayor of Old Town, Hog Wild BBQ, The Mishawaka, and The Roost. We are ready to expand this pilot program to the entire state of Colorado and then the nation.


STAMP Road Scholar/Residency Program

STAMP (Sustainable Touring for Artists Musicians and Performers) is the 501c3 tax-exempt, educational sister organization of Biodiesel for Bands. The STAMP program is designed to educate musicians, artists, performers and their managers how to tour successfully while leaving as little ecological footprint as possible. Our “Road Scholars” program allows young and emerging artists to participate in educational classes and symposiums both live and online to help them to plan, book and navigate a successful tour and a several of these acts are chosen to participate in our Road Residency program where they are provided with a free vehicle and fuel and then partnered with a mentor to hit the road and put their education into practice. STAMP is a jumpstart job-training program for aspiring professional artists, musicians, and performers.


If you have questions about anything related to Biodiesel for Bands, please feel free to contact Eric Skjerseth via email and we can schedule a meeting.

Eric Skjerseth Executive Director of Biodiesel For Bands.

Eric Skjerseth

Executive Director

John Long, President of Biodiesel for Bands.

John Long




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